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In the late 1950’s, Spencer Pynn began working as a plumber in the Lockport area. When his sons, Bud and Dave, finished their military service, S.M. Pynn & Sons, Inc. was formed. Eventually, Spencer retired, Bud moved to Montana to start his own company and Dave continued on as sole owner of S. M. Pynn & Sons, Inc. Dave’s son, Tim, started working summers and breaks during high school. Tim then attended SUNY Geneseo and graduated with a degree in accounting. After Tim realized he couldn’t stand the thought of a desk job, he rejoined his father in the trenches.

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During his summers with Dave, Tim’s intense training began. Not only did Tim learn technical skills, he learned the business model begun by Spencer; pride in workmanship, honesty and fair dealing.

As the third generation, Tim has assumed leadership in S. M. Pynn & Sons, Inc. Tim’s use of new products, tools, technologies and hard work will ensure plumbing problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.

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